danAs the leaves fall and the vegetation turns brown, our thoughts are turning towards preparing for winter. We are also preparing for winter at Catholic Charities and the Sojourner House, our homeless shelter in Eau Claire, WI. With what we thought were large numbers last year, this year will be bigger yet. The economic conditions have not completely turned around and there are more homeless people then we ever thought would be possible. Since the Sojourner House opened in November of 2011, we have been able to offer help to those in need; whether it’s something simple to hand out or if it means a place to stay for a couple months as they work to get back on their feet. We are here to help!

Speaking of feet, it’s very hard to walk everywhere in the winter time. So many homeless people do not have transportation. Traveling to and from doctors and community events can be dangerous. We are currently looking at how we can get affordable bus fare throughout Eau Claire for our friends.

Many agencies are working together in the Chippewa Valley to ease the hardship of homelessness. Won’t you consider partnering with us to take the sting out of winter? It can be as simple as volunteering your time at the shelter.

Dan Robinson
Sojourner House Coordinator