Each family involved in Project Step Up has agreed to participate in basic financial literacy programming. Families and mentors will work together to incorporate sound financial practices into daily living. Financial literacy topics are:

Basic Budgeting

  • Keep a record of all expenses for one month (ongoing as needed)
  • Create a family budget
  • Follow the budget

Basic Budgeting Objectives

  • Develop a relationship with a financial institution. Know representative's name and contact information
  • Open/maintain a checking account
  • Develop a savings plan
  • Open/maintain a savings account

Basic Credit Objectives

  • Obtain credit report/credit score
  • Understand credit report
  • Develop plan to build credit rating

Basic Consumer Skills Objectives

  • Develop and follow meal plan, including menu and shopping list
  • Identify three ways to save at the grocery store
  • Identify difference between wants versus needs
  • Identify strategies to curb impulse spending