Do you have to be Catholic to receive services, work or volunteer at Catholic Charities?
No. We provide services to all individuals in need regardless of faith, age or race to who come to our door. In fact, in 2013 only 25% of our clients were Catholic. 

What can I do to help...anything for volunteers?
In 2014, over 20,000 volunteer hours assisted Catholic Charities in fulfilling our mission to promote human dignity by alleviating poverty and strengthening individuals and families. To learn more about our current volunteer opportunities available, please visit our Volunteer page. 

What type of services does Catholic Charities offer?
We offer services in Adoption, Pregnancy Support, Post Adoption, Disabilities, Immigration, Community Homeless Facilities, Charitable Outreach, Advocacy, Financial Education and Enrichment. Feel free to visit our Services page for more information or if you have additional questions, you can request more information on our Contact page.

Is the building handicap accessible?

Do we provide any outreach sites?
Yes. Our St. Lawrence Community Services program offers outreach services at the Place of Grace in La Crosse on Thursdays and at the Sojourner House in Eau Claire. We are also in Chippewa Falls at the St. Francesca Resource Center on the first and third Tuesday of each month from 8 am to 4 pm. All services are available across the diocese. Most service inquiries can also be facilitated through the use of technology. If you are in need, please call 888.212.4357 (HELP) for assistance.

Is there an application for assistance?
We are currently working on an online application for assistance which will be available soon. Please call 888.212.4357 (HELP) for assistance. 

Are there any fees involved for our services?
Most services are provided at little or no cost and are based on the ability to pay. Please check with each program to learn more about fees for service.

Is the Journeys Program only for those who have adopted with Catholic Charities?
Journeys is for ANY adoptive family, adoptee, or birth parent looking for support or resources, regardless of the agency you used to adopt through! For more information, please visit our Journeys page.

Does your Pregnancy Support Program only help out those who are considering adoption?
 For over 100 years, Catholic Charities has offered support to expectant parents regardless of their choice to parent or create an adoption plan. A skilled staff of pregnancy support professionals will work with expectant parents to examine their options for making the best decisions for themselves and their baby. Our services are available to anyone – regardless of age, religion or race. Please visit our Pregnancy Support page or read our brochure for more information. 

What legal services do you provide?
 We only provide legal services related to immigration. We do not provide services to help with criminal or family legal issues. To learn more, please visit our Immigration page.

Where do you get your funding from?
We receive some funding from the Diocese through their Annual Appeal, however it only covers about 10% of our annual budget. Our Annual Operating Budget is around $4 million. It’s through state and federal funding, grants and generous donations from the community and individuals that we are able to offer assistance to so many people in need. 

What is St. Lawrence Community Services?
St. Lawrence Community Services is a way to provide outreach and advocacy to the communities we serve. We offer assistance with charitable outreach, advocacy, financial education and enrichment. We have found over the years that our clients benefit from our services when we offer long-term solutions versus short-term. If you have a financial emergency, we can help you out today but we are also here to walk this financial journey with you. We can help you do this by exploring your finances and budgeting for the future long-term.

What type of assistance does St. Lawrence Community Services offer and how can I qualify?
St. Lawrence Community Services (SLCS) offers a multitude of services to those in need in our communities. To learn more about each of the following services and the qualifications, please visit the program pages on our website or call one of our SLCS Wellness Advocates to learn how we can help you.

What if I don’t live in a city where your offices are located, can I still receive services?
Absolutely! Please call 888.212.4357(HELP) to request assistance.

Are you the same Catholic Charities as Winona?
No. They are part of the Diocese of Winona and we are part of the Diocese of La Crosse.

What is a Rep Payee?
A representative payee is an individual or organization appointed by SSA to receive Social Security and/or SSI benefits for someone who cannot manage or direct someone else to manage his or her money. The main responsibilities of a payee are to use the benefits to pay for the current and foreseeable needs of the beneficiary and properly save any benefits not needed to meet current needs. To learn more about our representative payee program and determine if an individual qualifies, please contact one of our case workers at 888.212.4357(HELP). 

Where are you located?
We have offices located in Eau Claire, La Crosse, Loyal and Wausau. Please check out our locations page for more information. 

How long does it take to find out if I am approved for assistance?
This is all based on the individual’s requested needs. All those requesting assistance must meet or talk to one of our St. Lawrence Community Service Financial Wellness Advocates. Please visit one of our offices during walk-in hours. Visit our locations page for walk-in hours or call 888.212.4357 to learn more.

Why do I have to share my personal financial information with you when I am just asking for money to help with my rent, utilities, car payment, dental work, etc.?
In order to best serve our clients, it is required for all program clients to participate in a full financial counseling session before it is determined what, if any direct aid can be given.

Can I receive assistance more than one time?
Yes, but it is dependent upon each client’s individual assessments and needs. 

Why can't you pay more on my bill?
Just like you, we have limited income resources. Therefore we are limited in the financial assistance we are able to provide. However, we are here to provide advocacy and additional resources to help you overcome your financial struggles. Please contact one of our Financial Wellness Advocates at 888.212.4357 to learn more.