Do you have to be Catholic to receive services, work or volunteer at Catholic Charities?
What can I do to help...anything for volunteers?
What type of services does Catholic Charities offer?
Is the building handicap accessible?
Do we provide any outreach sights?
Is there an application for assistance?
Are there any fees involved for our services?
Is the Post Adoption Resource Center only for those who have adopted with Catholic Charities?
Does your Pregnancy Support Program only help out those who are considering adoption?
What legal services do you provide?
Where do you get your funding from?
What is St. Lawrence Community Services?
What type of assistance does St. Lawrence Community Services offer and how can I qualify?
What if I don’t live in a city where your offices are located, can I still receive services?
Are you the same Catholic Charities as Winona?
What is a Rep Payee?
Where are you located?
How long does it take to find out if I am approved for assistance?
Why do I have to share my personal financial information with you when I am just asking for money to help with my rent, utilities, car payment, dental work, etc.?
Can I receive assistance more than one time?
Why can't you pay more on my bill?