And I tell you, you are Peter, and on this rock I will build my church, and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it. ~Matthew 16:18

Catholic Charities is proud to have launched our monthly giving program, Cornerstone of Charity. We truly regard these donors and their consistency as a foundation, a cornerstone, on which we build our agency.

Becoming a member of Cornerstone of Charity means your monthly donations will help Catholic Charities to budget more effectively and accurately because it levels out the peaks and valleys in donations throughout the year. Most importantly, it cuts administrative costs due to processing checks and credit cards meaning that more of each donation gets to where it is intended to go. That means that more of your donation will go directly to where it is needed, in service to others.

We believe that this method of giving is also easier for you, the donor. It eliminates the need to track down an appeal envelope and write out a check each time you wish to make a gift. Gifts would be withdrawn each month on the same day for the same amount with an end-of-year statement of that year’s giving.

Your automatic monthly gift will help Catholic Charities sustain our mission, building hope for our neighbors in need. Your monthly gift of:

  • $15 provides help meeting basic human needs for our struggling neighbors.
  • $25 provides a night of shelter, access to laundry facilities, a place to shower, and a hot meal for someone who is homeless in our community.
  • $50 offers an opportunity for an immigrant to meet with an accredited immigration case worker to develop a plan towards citizenship.
  • $100 enables Catholic Charities’ Financial Advocates to conduct an open intake day, establishing a path towards financial wellness for those in need.
  • $150 provides struggling birth mothers daily access to a trained social worker through our confidential pregnancy support crisis line to help her choose life.

If you are interested in making monthly contributions or learning more about Cornerstone of Charity, please contact us. Thank you!