The Sojourner House

The Sojourner House opened its doors on November 1, 2011. We are a safe haven for single adult men and women, offering a safe, clean place, regardless of what their ambitions or hopes are. Guests can sleep overnight, shower, wash their clothes, and eat breakfast while ensuring their personal dignity, respect and safety.

The Sojourner House is open year round from 7 pm in the evening to 8 am in the morning. We can provide sleeping arrangements for up to 32 men and 16 women (capacity of 48). In order to receive sleeping facilities, laundry and shower privileges, guests must have a 0.0 alcohol level. However, we also have space for up to 4 additional guests in a special recliner facility, helping these guests to get in out of the elements into a safe environment. Everyone is accepted into the shelter unless they are presenting with unruly or boisterous behavior. A safe environment will be maintained. No substances or weapons will be permitted on the premises. A core staff is employed by Catholic Charities, with a large supplement of volunteers for support! This is a first-come, first-serve basis. All are welcome!

We appreciate your support given to the Sojourner House and our guests! Please remember monetary donations are vital to keep the Sojourner House open year round. Make a monetary donation today!

2019 Guest Needs
Bus tokens – Biggest Need!
Bus passes for working guests
Hygiene Items – Personal, Travel Size
Men’s Boxers

Sojourner House Needs
Industrial Coffee Grinder
50′ Extension cord
8′ Ladder


HMIS Consumer Notice

We are called to be servants to the Lord, to serve the people of God. “Love one another as I have loved you” (Jn 15:12). Our calling is not to pick and choose whom we’ll serve – man or woman, those who look like us, believe as we believe – but rather to serve all God’s people with dignity and respect. That service can be transforming, life-giving, even redemptive. Jesus encountered so many diverse personalities and needs, and delved deeply into human relationships. So we too try to open our hearts and hands to the many lives that we encounter who are challenged by daily life. Sometimes we’re heartbroken, but most often we’re witnesses to the stone that has been rolled back and the fullness discovered in the empty tomb. The empty tomb is an affirmation by God of this very world; a world of new life that has been transformed and opened to us by the love of Christ. His life, His love is in our hearts and each time we compassionately reach out to another we witness the Risen Christ. ~Deacon Richard Sage