RobertoEaster is the greatest and oldest Christian feast that celebrates the Resurrection from the dead of our Lord Jesus Christ. God’s gift to humanity is life, but when we decided to separate ourselves from God by choosing to do “our will”, we brought death into the world and into our lives.

But God’s goodness is infinite and He began to work immediately to save us from death. Within this history of salvation, its fulfillment is in the Passover of Jesus — His death and Resurrection, which is the culmination of God’s gift to us and when the kingdom of God enters into our time. Therefore, Easter is the “feast of feast”, it is when Christ destroys death and opens the gates of heaven, and gives us again
the gift of eternal life to all who believe in Him. Whatever we think happiness is, it is short in comparison to the reality of what God has given us. In our lives we only experience short moments of “fulfillment” or “true happiness” of “true love”, but all are small when compared to the gift of “eternal happiness” that Christ has prepared for us.

We live our daily lives trying to do our jobs well, to provide for our families and raise our children properly so that they can be good citizens and contribute to society. We work hard to save and invest wisely so that we have something for our old age and maybe leave an inheritance for our kids so that they can get a head start. In short, we try to make our loved ones happy.

But many times we forget that the GREATEST GIFT that we can give is the gift of FAITH in our Lord Jesus. Christ gave us the Holy Spirit so that we can know and be with Him, so that we can be truly happy and live forever. His sacrifice on the Cross and His Resurrection are truly the GREATEST GIFT OF ALL.

“This is the day the Lord has made; let us rejoice and be glad (Psalm 118: 24)

Roberto Partarrieu
Executive Director