“Our family is pursuing adoption of two older children from China. Our placing agency is located in Colorado and Catholic Charities of La Crosse was one of the agencies listed as acceptable for our home study. From day one, Catholic Charities was the best fit for us! I emailed all four agencies that were within driving distance of our home. Catholic Charities staff were the first to respond and did so with such warmth and enthusiasm that the decision to choose Catholic Charities was easy!

Throughout the home study process our social worker was kind, caring and very professional.  She always made us feel comfortable and supported throughout the adoption process. “

“As a large family, the thought of the home-study was daunting. Catholic Charities had the process planned out very well, in an easy to follow format.  They were always available to answer our questions and responded quicky. Thanks to their help, we were able to welcome our son home from Bulgaria!  We would use them again in a heartbeat. Great people.”

“Working with Catholic Charities has been wonderful! We are just in the process of submitting our dossier and the process has been smooth. Our social worker was always helpful, understanding, and a pleasure to spend time with! As we began our process to adopt, we were unsure of exactly how we felt about our choice.  We decided to take a leap of faith and go for it.  After being in the process, we realized that adoption was the right choice for us. We look forward to bringing our child home! We absolutely encourage families who consider adoption to check out Catholic Charities!”



“The adoption journey can be a long process.  We came to Catholic Charities after experiencing infertility for several years. Throughout the home study process we felt supported by our social worker and knew that it could take some time.  However, our social worker always was supportive and encouraging. After about a year and a half of waiting, we received the phone call that would change our lives. A young woman had delivered a child and and wanted to make an adoption plan and wanted to make an adoption plan and wanted her child to go directly home from the hospital at discharge. We immediately packed our things and went to the hospital.  The social workers from Catholic Charities made us and the birth mother feel comfortable during this very emotional time. We knew that the birth mother could change her mind up until the Termination of Parental Rights, however, we were excited to take our “future” son home. We thank Catholic Charities for helping not only us become a family, but assisting the birth mother through the hardest decision of her life.”

Throughout the home study process our social worker was kind, caring and very professional.  She always made us feel comfortable and supported throughout the adoption process. “

"We did a domestic open adoption through Catholic Charities. All of the staff we worked with were knowledgeable and thorough.  If they didn’t know the answer to something, they found it. The adoption process is detailed and time-consuming, and who you have walking you through it is the most important decision you will make (other than to say yes to your forever baby!). We researched many different agencies and are so thankful to have gone through the process with Catholic Charities rather than someone else. Our confidence in their staff’s ability to handle the legal aspects, and advise us through the emotional challenges, is not something that can be measured.  Every adoption is different but our adoption fees ended up being much lower through Catholic Charities than they would have been had we went with a for-profit agency.  Having a local agency where we can stop in and talk to people face-to-face also gave us peace of mind, and our son was within driving distance from us, rather than having to fly across the country. If you are reading this, I encourage you to stop searching-you have found your agency! I pray for your encouragement and endurance as you start this journey. 

“In starting our adoption process we began calling many different adoption agencies to learn as much as we could. We immediately felt connection when talking with a Catholic Charities social worker and ultimately that is what made our decision in starting our adoption process with them. We were impressed with their timely manner and genuine interest in our story and journey to adoption. Our experience meeting other couples in the group training was very valuable and we exchanged contact info with some of the couples to stay connected. There is so much to learn in the home study and we left feeling prepared and gained confidence in the education and trainings provided. Countless resources were also given to have in our toolbox as we move throughout our adoption journey in years to come. We highly recommend Catholic Charities adoption program if you are looking for a smaller agency with personal connection.”

Pregnancy Support

i think i'm pregnant

“Good day! I have a message for young people.  I have a story to tell that is a testament of God’s love. My story is one of intense grief and loss but leads to profound joy and fulfillment all because I listened to God and followed his plan for me.

I chose life. When I became pregnant at 16 and was pressured by others to seek an abortion, I chose life. When I was reminded that I would have enough financial support and resources to get by if I raised my child, I chose life. When surprised by giving birth to not one, but tow perfect twin daughters I chose life; a life for them that at the time I knew I could not give to them. I chose an adoption plan and gave my children life and love.”



“When I was 15 I became pregnant with my first child. Due to the circumstances of her conception my family urged me to look into adoption. Rhea/Catholic Charities helped walk us through what the adoption process would be like for me and my baby. Halfway through my pregnancy I knew my heart couldn’t let my baby go. As wonderful as the families that we looked at were, I knew I wanted to be her mom. My daughter was born and raised with my parents and myself while I finished school. A few years later I fell in love with a man who would eventually become my husband. Our hearts already knew we were a family but legally my now husband had no rights to my daughter. We reached out to Catholic Charities again to help us finalize a Step Parent Adoption. With the support and knowledge we were given from Rhea/Catholic Charities we were successfully able to complete a legal and heart filled adoption.  My husband and I now raise our three kids together as one family. We could not have done it without all the help from this organization. Our hearts will be forever thankful.”



“God works in mysterious easy. Sometimes when things happen we try to find a reason into why it happened and we don’t always find the answers. If was not until just recently that some things in my life came into perspective. 

When I was a teenager I gave premature birth to my only daughter at 22 weeks, and she passed away shortly after. Fast forward I gave birth to two healthy boys. Though I never was able to have another daughter, I had a happy life. My one son began dating a young woman who when they were teenagers had a daughter.  The circumstances in this little girl’s life put my husband and I in the position to raise her.  After two years of her living with us, we decided to adopt her. We are not her birth parents (who still are a big part of her life), but we are her forever parents. We do not question why this happened and we are not looking for the answers. We just are happy to enjoy our daughter and realize everything happens for a reason!

Catholic Charities was awesome to work with.  We learned a lot through the entire adoption process which will help us raise our daughter if she has questions in the future. Thank you so much Catholic Charities for giving my husband and I a second chance at being parents and to give our “daughter” a FOREVER home filled with love, security, and stability. “

Step Parent

“Working with Catholic Charities was such a blessing! The agency met and exceeded every need for me and my family and made us feel completely comfortable in the process. Everyone was so welcoming and friendly, it made us, and the kids feel secure throughout the entire timeframe. There was always someone to answer questions and keep the communication tight. We couldn’t be more thankful for Catholic Charities and their services!”

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