Eau Claire Sojourner House -THOMAS MOVED FORWARD!
Thomas arrived at our front door in September of 2020 battered, addicted, and broken. Sojourner House welcomed him in with open arms and helped support him through a difficult winter. He faced illness due to COVID-19, the loss of an old friend, and continued struggles with drug addiction. Slowly, Thomas warmed up and began to see the potential that our staff had seen in him all along. He began to get more involved with the services, using his free time to help out around the shelter. Sojourner House staff connected Thomas with our St. Lawrence Service caseworker for employment and rental assistance. Thomas was ready to move into his own place and out of homelessness!

“Despite hardships, our staff never gave up on Thomas. More importantly, we would not allow him to give up on himself. Sometimes with an encouraging word, or just a smile, we let Thomas know that he was wanted and valued. To this day, Thomas remains in his apartment, which he maintains on his own. He has repaired broken relationships and is a highly praised employee at one of the best companies in Eau Claire”.
~Sojourner House Staff

La Crosse Warming Center-KEITH MOVED FORWARD!
Keith has been chronically homeless since the age of 17. He has been staying with us at the La Crosse Warming Center for about 4-5 years. Throughout that time, and with little variance, Keith has always maintained employment. Sometimes he has worked two jobs. Last winter, Keith fell and broke his hand and was unable to work. After working with Toni, our Warming Center Coordinator, who helped him make his appointments, Keith was able to get his much-needed surgery. After his hand healed, he started a job at a local motel and has been there for over a year. Keith made enough money to afford a place to call home!

“Even after finding housing, Keith continued to help Catholic Charities. During the summer, he volunteered to help with our Day Services providing laundry and shower services to community members who were homeless. Thanks to our partners in the community for helping MOVE Keith forward”.
~Toni Van Kirk, Warming Center Coordinator

Loyal House of MercyLoyal House of Mercy-A FAMILY HAS MOVED FORWARD!
A young, pregnant mother with four children came to the House of Mercy searching for help. She was fleeing from a dysfunctional home and the effects were showing on her and the children. Immediately the staff went to work to find programs that would help the children. Counseling for the older children and Mom. Speech therapy and Birth to Three for the younger child. Headstart was contacted and the school helped with transportation to the next town. Mom is working with the W-2 program and is learning better ways to work with her children and maintain her home. Because of the support of the community, changes can be seen in the children and in Mom.

Five years ago the community of Loyal reached out to Catholic Charities to partner in helping families and individuals overcome homelessness. Together we continue to offer housing, financial assistance, and charitable outreach to those who need assistance. You are helping them move forward.

Wausau Warming Center-BRIAN MOVED FORWARD!
Moving People Forward
Brian had been homeless since 2017. He sought shelter services since that time, and day center services during the off season. Brian is a 58 year old man, who struggles with an alcohol addiction. Earlier this fall, Brian received a letter from the Housing Authority, indicating that his name was selected as next on the housing list. He was issued a Section 8 housing voucher. Brian suffers from a reading disability and struggled to complete the application on his own. Tracy, our Warming Center Director, assisted Brian in filling out the application and finding an apartment. Brian was successfully housed on November 1st.

“Spending his first night in his new home, he realized his home was no longer just shelter. He finally had a home again! Brian remains successfully housed and continues to use Catholic Charities as a support for his ongoing needs. Partnering with Catholic Charities will help us give more “Brians” an opportunity to find their homes”.
~Tracy Rieger, Catholic Charities Community Homeless Facilities Director

We can’t move people forward without your support. Please partner with us and help change a life today! At a time when more families and individuals are suffering housing evictions, we need your help! Your gift will help provide housing to those without a home or help keep someone in their home as we continue to recover from the effects of COVID-19.