Questions To Ask Domestic Agencies

Suggested Questions to Ask When Selecting An Interstate Adoption Agency

Below are sample questions that you may want to use when determining which Interstate Adoption Agency to choose. Please realize that this list is not inclusive of all the questions you may want to ask, as you may have more, or you may choose not to ask those suggested here. This is simply a guide to help you get started.

  • What information will the birth parents be given about us?  Do they receive a copy of the home study?
  • How does the TPR (Termination of Parental Rights) process work in your state? Does your agency facilitate it?
  • Are the TPR fees included in your agency fees that we pay?
  • How long after TPR do the birth parents have to complete the full appeal process? Who monitors this to ensure the appeals are cleared?
  • At what point in the process is the child physically able to be with us, and then at what timeframe would we be able to return to our home State?
  • What is your matching process?
  • What level of openness is required by your agency?
  • What is the exact break-out of your fees?   (Obtain them in writing.) When would fees raise or would we have a locked-in fee agreement until matched/placement?
  • What are the unpredictable costs and what is a typical range of each one?  *hospital expenses; *transition care (short-term foster care); *legal fees
  • Are you a state licensed agency? Will you send us a copy of your license?
  • Are you willing to provide us with at least 3-5 families who have used your agency as references? (Catholic Charities strongly recommends that couples follow up on obtaining references.)
  • Does your agency require FBI fingerprinting?
  • Wisconsin requires 25 hours of education (+ a 2 hour Orientation meeting) which covers 10 adoption-related competencies. What additional educational requirements would your agency or state require?