Bryan HiltsHe is risen! Alleluia! As we celebrate the risen Lord during this Easter season, we can reflect on other “resurrections” we experience at Catholic Charities.

Our Lord, Jesus Christ was crucified and died for our sins. He was placed in a cold stone tomb, a place presumed to be the end for Him. Yet on the third day, the tomb stone was rolled back and Jesus had risen from the dead.
After this long, cold, snowy (and did I mention long) winter, we are beginning to see life return to our neighborhoods and countryside. Crocuses are blooming, daffodils are popping up and tulips are showing their leaves. Some of the fields are beginning to green and come back to life. And are those buds I see on the trees? The birds have returned and the ice is leaving the ponds, lakes and rivers.

Catholic Charities works hard to bring life to situations that seem dead. We offer support for the pregnant mother who doesn’t believe she will be able to parent her child and help for the couple who seeks to grow their family through adoption. Assistance to the immigrant who struggles with the immigration system and is in fear of being separated from his family. Shelter for the homeless person with nowhere to turn.

For all of these neighbors, certain aspects of their lives seem to be dead or dying, until Catholic Charities’ employees and volunteers step in to help. The assistance and care provided help mitigate the difficulties and brings a situation that seems dead to new life. By donating your time to our organization, you can make a significant difference to those in need.
As we celebrate the resurrection of Jesus, let’s rejoice in our blessings and find ways that we can provide “resurrecting” help to others in situations that seem to be dead or dying.

Deacon Bryan Hilts
Development Associate & Immigration Case Manager