dave and yvonne

Family Status: Available

Family Information:

First Name Dave
Year Born 1975
Education BS – Finance, Accounting, Marketing – UWGB & Lakeland
Occupation Loan Officer / Credit Analyst
Religion Catholic

Year Born 1963
Education Vennard College
Occupation Stay at home mom
Religion Catholic

Children Marysue age 3, Lydia age 32
Pets None
Year Married 2007
Region of State NE Wisconsin
Residence De Pere

Family Favorites:

Team Packers
TV Show Seinfeld
Sports Football
Food T-Bone Steak
Color Green
Animal Sloth
Hobbies Playing with Marysue
Ice Cream Flavor Mint Chocolate Chip

Vacation Disneyland
TV Show I Love Lucy
Book Anne of Green Gables
Food Chinese
Color Pink
Animal Penguin
Hobbies Playing with Marysue
Ice Cream Flavor Chocolate

Adoption Preferences:

Drug Use During Pregnancy
Alcohol Use During Pregnancy
Smoking During Pregnancy
History of Mental Health Issues
Open to Ongoing Contact with Birth Parents

Native American

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