Steve & Emily

Steve and Emily

Thank you so much for considering us to adopt your child. We adopted our daughter in 2017, and she is the joy of our lives. We hope to add another child to our family and will raise them in a household of love, kindness and joy.


Year Born: 1988
Race: Caucasian
Education: College Graduate (BS)
Occupation: Partner/Creative Director-Marketing Agency
Religion: Lutheran
Personality: Funny and Hardworking
Hobbies/Interests: Woodworking, painting, and gardening


Year Born: 1984
Race: Caucasian
Education: College Graduate (BA)
Occupation: Health Reporter–La Crosse Tribune
Religion: Unitarian
Personality: Sensitive and Caring
Hobbies/Interests: Baking, reading, and walking the dogs

Steve and Emily

Pets: (2) Dogs–Morsel and Dexter
Year Married: 2011
Region of State: La Crosse
Religion Child Will be Raised In: Lutheran


Animal: Dog
Book: Ready Player One
Candy Bar: Charleston Chew
Color: Orange
Food: Sushi
Game: Fallout
Hobby: Woodworking
Ice Cream Flavor: Mint Chip
Movie: Gladiator
Place to Visit: Washington DC
Song: Thunderclouds by Sia
Sports Team: Packers

Animal: Dog
Book: Animal Liberation
Candy Bar: Milky Way Dark
Color: Blue
Food: Jellybeans
Game: Scrabble
Hobby: Baking
Ice Cream Flavor: Fudge swirl
Movie: Overboard (original version)
Place To Visit: Anywhere tropical
Song: Girl by Beck
Sports Team: Not a sports watcher


Feelings Regarding Openness:
Interested in openness, including occasional visits

Participate in Prenatal Appointments:
If birth mother desires and distance allows

Participate in Labor and Delivery:
If birth mother desires

Frequency of In-Person Meetings:
Two to three times a year

Frequency of Telephone Contact:
Every few months

Frequency of Pictures and Letters:
Every few months


Acceptable Situations:
No Prenatal Care
Premature Birth
Complications at Birth
Correctable, treatable medical issues
Prenatal exposure to alcohol
Prenatal exposure to drugs (No hard drugs unless very limited)
Prenatal exposure to nicotine
Birth Parent(s) Have Physical Health Issues
Birth Parent(s) Have Mental Health Issues
No info about birth mother
No info about birth father
Multiple possible birth fathers
Birth Parent(s) have criminal history

African American
Native American

Age Range:
0-6 Months

Either Gender (Female or cases where gender is unknown)