Matthew & Suzie

Matthew and Suzie

As we write these few lines to you, we are filled with emotion because our lives have already been unbelievably blessed through open adoption. We would love to get to know you and your heart and hopes for your child. Our home is open should you feel led to walk this out with us. We hope to lean on our shared experiences as we navigate this process together. You are already in our prayers… 


Year Born: 1979
Race: Caucasian
Education: Master's Degree
Occupation: Non-Profit Regional Director
Religion: Christian
Personality: Steady, social, introvert
Hobbies/Interests:Fishing, hunting, running, playing guitar, reading


Year Born: 1974
Race: Caucasian
Education: Master's Degree
Occupation: Non-Profit Consultant
Religion: Christian
Personality: Optimistic, extrovert
Hobbies/Interests:Foreign languages, making pottery, reading, outdoor activities

Matthew & Suzie

Pets: Cat – “Meow”
Year Married: 2009
Region of State: Western Wisconsin
Childcare Plans After Placement: Home
Religion Child Will be Raised In: Christian


Animal: Dog
Book: Bible
Candy Bar: Snickers
Color: Blue
Food: Cheeseburger
Game: Connect Four
Hobby: Fishing
Ice Cream Flavor: Salted Caramel
Movie: A River Runs Through It
Place to Visit: Norway
Song: Love Will Find You
Sports Team: Chicago Cubs

Animal: Kitten
Book: Everybody Always
Candy Bar: Reese's
Color: Yellow
Food: Japanese Food
Game: Hide and Seek
Hobby: Making Pottery
Ice Cream Flavor: Anything with Chocolate
Movie: Dan in Real Life
Place To Visit: New Zealand
Song: Walking on Sunshine
Sports Team: Chicago Cubs P.S., Matt answered for Suzie : )


Feelings Regarding Openness:
We are open to whatever relationship is desired by the birth family.

Participate in Prenatal Appointments:
Yes, if the birth mother is comfortable with it.

Participate in Labor and Delivery:
Yes, if the birth mother is comfortable with it.

Frequency of In-Person Meetings:
Two-to-three times a year.

Frequency of Telephone Contact:
To the extent the birth mother is comfortable with.

Frequency of Pictures and Letters:
We are happy to share regular pictures and text messages if desired.


Acceptable Situations:
No Prenatal Care
Premature Birth
Complications at birth
Correctable, treatable medical issues
Prenatal exposure to alcohol
Prenatal exposure to drugs
Prenatal exposure to nicotine
Birth Parent(s) Have Physical Health Issues
Birth Parent(s) Have Mental Health Issues
No info about birth mother
No info about birth father
Multiple, possible birth fathers
Birth Parent(s) have criminal history
Conception as a result of rape


Number of Children:

Either Gender

Age Range:
0-6 Months
6 Months to 1 Year
1+ Years

Matthew and Suzie