Kohl & Jessica

Kohl and Jessica

Dear Expectant Mama (& Dad)–should you choose our family you would hang the sun in all of our worlds. Not only would we cherish sweet baby, we would cherish & be supportive of your heart(s) too.


Year Born: 1988
Race: Caucasian
Education: 4 years of College (2 Associate Degrees—Business Management/Marketing)
Occupation: Local Business Leadership
Religion: Lutheran
Personality: Visionary, Fun-loving, kind, spunky, spontaneous & stable!
Hobbies/Interests: Bicycling, Playing with the kids, Build/fix things, traveling, etc.


Year Born: 1989
Race: Caucasian
Education: 2.5 Years College (No degree, studied early childhood)
Occupation: Stay at Home Mama, very part-time Marketing
Religion: Lutheran
Personality: Go with the flow, loving, silly, adventurous, secure & genuine.
Hobbies/Interests: Family time & adventures, Crafting, Traveling, Singing, Reading, Journaling, etc.

Kohl and Jessica

Pets: 4–2 Dogs & 2 Cats all older & friendly!
Year Married: 2009
Region of State: Western
Childcare Plans After Placement: Home and eventually an in-home daycare only a few hours a week. Only family there and our kids have all been cared for by her since birth.
Religion Child Will be Raised In: Christian/Lutheran


Animal: Lion
Book: Search For God and Guinness
Candy Bar: 100 Grand Bar
Color: Light Blue
Food: Steak and Crab
Game: Catan
Hobby: Side by siding, cycling (bike), mountain bike racing, playing with the kids, family time, movie nights!
Ice Cream Flavor: Blue Moon
Movie: Avatar
Place to Visit: Colorado Mountains
Song: All Kinds—Depends on the day!
Sports Team: Packers

Animal: Dolphin
Book: Magnolia Journal Magazine, Amish or Pioneer days non-fiction
Candy Bar: Just one?! Kit Kat
Color: Navy Blue, Pink
Food: Lasagna, Crab. All Desserts
Game: Life
Hobby: Baking, quality time with kids, decorating & projects, crafts, church involvement, movie nights!
Ice Cream Flavor: DQ-Double Fudge Cookie Dough Blizzard! YUM!
Movie: All things Hallmark, The Holiday
Place To Visit: Colorado- Mountains, Florida- Ocean
Song: Caleb & Kelsey Mashups/Christmas music/Carrie Underwood
Sports Team: Packers, but I’m more about the game time snacks.


Feelings Regarding Openness:
Absolutely! However, should this not be your decision we will also respect your wishes. Level of openness we would be willing to grow alongside a relationship as it potentially develops.

Participate in Prenatal Appointments:
Would be so blessed to have this honor!

Participate in Labor and Delivery:
Dream come true. We would feel beyond grateful & of the highest honor to be able to support you in this way should you wish for this. If not, of course no pressure or problem.

Frequency of In-Person Meetings:
We are big believers of being open to what life brings our way this would all depend on the relationship developed & your comfort levels also.

Frequency of Telephone Contact:
We would be willing to do this me & together come to a decision on frequency if necessary.

Frequency of Pictures and Letters:
We are willing to do this, and also honor your wishes.

Expectant Mama please know we will always support your wishes & honor you.


Acceptable Situations:
No Prenatal Care
Birth Parent(s) Have Physical Health Issues
Premature Birth
Birth Parent(s) Have Mental Health Issues
Complications at Birth
No info about birth mother
Correctable, treatable medical issues
Ongoing health issues
Multiple possible birth fathers
Prenatal exposure to alcohol (Light)
Birth Parent(s) have criminal history
Prenatal exposure to drugs
Conception as a result of rape
Prenatal exposure to nicotine (Light)

Native American

Age Range:
0-6 Months
6 Months-1 Year
1+ Year

Either Gender

Kohl and Jessica
Kohl and Jessica
Kohl and Jessica