Joseph & Jennifer

Joseph and Jennifer

Hello, we are Joseph and Jennifer. We have a loving and welcoming home and we would be honored to provide a home and family for this child. We would like you to know that you are in our thoughts and prayers.


Year Born: 1982
Race: Caucasian
Education: Bachelor of Arts
Occupation: Warehouse Lead
Religion: Catholic
Personality: Friendly, Patient, Loving
Hobbies/Interests: History, Reading, Writing, Sports


Year Born: 1984
Race: Caucasian
Education: Some College
Occupation: Call Center Agent
Religion: Catholic
Personality: Funny, Kind, Helpful, Caring, Easy Going
Hobbies/Interests: Gardening, Being Outside, Nature, Baking, Learning New Things

Joseph & Jennifer

Pets: October (Cat)
Year Married: 2011
Region of State: North Central
Childcare Plans After Placement: We would prefer to have 1 of us work from home and take care of the child ourselves. If that isn't possible, we will go through a licensed childcare.
Religion Child Will be Raised In: Catholic


Animal: Bear
Book: The Lord of the Rings
Candy Bar: Caramello
Color: Blue
Food: Pizza
Game: Battle Cry
Hobby: History (reenacting), Camping
Ice Cream Flavor: Mint Chocolate Chip
Movie: Gettysburg
Place to Visit: Harpers Ferry, WV
Song: You Got It - Roy Orbison
Sports Team: Milwaukee Brewers

Animal: Cat
Book: Where The Sidewalk Ends
Candy Bar: Milky Way
Color: Blue
Food: Tacos
Game: Cards, Catapoly
Hobby: Gardening, Being Outside, Camping
Ice Cream Flavor: Chocolate
Movie: Father of the Bride
Place To Visit: Parent's Cabin Up North
Song: Unchained Melody - The Righteous Brothers
Sports Team: Green Bay Packers


Feelings Regarding Openness:
Open for discussion.

Participate in Prenatal Appointments:
Yes, if the birth parents are comfortable.

Participate in Labor and Delivery:
Yes, if the birth parents are comfortable.

Frequency of In-Person Meetings:
Open for discussion.

Frequency of Telephone Contact:
Open for discussion.

Frequency of Pictures and Letters:
Open for discussion.


Acceptable Situations:
Premature Birth
Correctable, treatable medical issues
No info about birth mother
No info about birth father
Multiple, possible birth fathers
Birth Parent(s) have criminal history
Conception as a result of rape


Number of Children:

Either Gender

Age Range:
0-6 Months