Joseph & Jennifer

Joseph and Jennifer

We have a loving and welcoming home and we would be honored to provide a home and family for your child. We would like you to know that you are in our thoughts and prayers.


Year Born: 1982
Race: Caucasian
Education: Bachelor of Arts
Occupation: Warehouse Lead
Religion: Catholic
Personality: Friendly, Patient, Loving
Hobbies/Interests: History, Reading, Writing, Sports


Year Born: 1984
Race: Caucasian
Education: Some College
Occupation: Call Center Agent
Religion: Catholic
Personality: Funny, Kind, Helpful, Caring, Easy Going
Hobbies/Interests: Gardening, Being Outside, Nature, Baking, Learning New Things

Joseph & Jennifer

Pets: October (Cat)
Year Married: 2011
Region of State: North Central
Childcare Plans After Placement: We would prefer to have 1 of us work from home and take care of the child ourselves. If that isn't possible, we will go through a licensed childcare.
Religion Child Will be Raised In: Catholic


Animal: Bear
Book: The Lord of the Rings
Candy Bar: Caramello
Color: Blue
Food: Pizza
Game: Battle Cry
Hobby: History, Reenactments, Camping
Ice Cream Flavor: Mint Chocolate Chip
Movie: Gettysburg
Place to Visit: Harpers Ferry, WV
Song: You Got It - Roy Orbison
Sports Team: Milwaukee Brewers

Animal: Cat
Book: Where The Sidewalk Ends
Candy Bar: Milky Way
Color: Blue
Food: Tacos
Game: Cards, Catapoly
Hobby: Gardening, Being Outside, Camping
Ice Cream Flavor: Chocolate
Movie: Father of the Bride
Place To Visit: Parent's Cabin Up North
Song: Unchained Melody - The Righteous Brothers
Sports Team: Green Bay Packers


Feelings Regarding Openness:
Open for discussion.

Participate in Prenatal Appointments:
Yes, if the birth parents are comfortable.

Participate in Labor and Delivery:
Yes, if the birth parents are comfortable.

Frequency of In-Person Meetings:
Open for discussion.

Frequency of Telephone Contact:
Open for discussion.

Frequency of Pictures and Letters:
Open for discussion.


Acceptable Situations:
Premature Birth
Correctable, treatable medical issues
Birth Parent(s) have Physical Health Issues
No info about birth mother
No info about birth father
Multiple, possible birth fathers
Birth Parent(s) have criminal history
Conception as a result of rape
Conception as a result of incest


Number of Children:

Either Gender

Age Range:
0-6 Months
6 Months-1 Year
1+ Years