Philomena Adah

La Crosse

Being a part of the Catholic Charities family/community is an incredibly fulfilling experience. It brings me immense joy to serve alongside other professionals in a counter-cultural setting, where compassion and spirituality are integrated into our work, enabling me to effectively meet the diverse needs of pluralistic communities. As a missionary sister, I have had the opportunity to engage with diverse communities in an ecumenical and multi-faith context, broadening my understanding of diversity, team building, and the unique narratives that shape people's experiences.

My journey to Catholic Charities has been one of transitions. While my childhood dreams of becoming a nurse and a teacher took a different path, I eventually became a nun and served as a financial administrator for my religious community. However, my calling led me to transition into the chaplain ministry. Apart from my work, I find solace and joy in hobbies such as gardening, cooking, reading, and music. I have a deep love for working with children and women, especially those who are marginalized or facing mental illness or lifelong challenges.

Catholic Charities holds immense power as a beacon of hope and community. Witnessing its unwavering commitment to social justice and fostering a sense of belonging is awe-inspiring. As a Catholic nun driven by compassion and an innate ability to support others, I am dedicated to creating a positive and meaningful influence in the lives of people I encounter. In my role, I focus on helping participants and families within the residence and the broader community. I approach this with a relational and symbolic mindset, responding to individuals in crisis and trauma with creativity and spontaneity. My goal is to provide empathic care and be readily available to those in need, offering comfort, hope, and support as they navigate their journeys. Together, let us embark on a compassionate and empowering journey, making a difference in the lives of others.

Qualifications : Live By Coordinator