Submitted by Julienne. #Beagoodsamaritan!

I attempted to contact *Angie to assist her in getting her own apartment. She did not have a phone number, so I tried to contact her via email. I also tried to find her at Positive Avenues (the day time drop-in center) and the Wellness Shack as she is known to hang out at both these places. After the third attempt at emailing her, she called me back. I explained the rapid rehousing program to her as an option for her to get her own place, and she was willing to participate.

Angie began looking for apartments. I met with her at the Sojourner House to help her complete paperwork and went with her to look at the apartments. The landlord was supportive of the rapid-rehousing program and rented the apartment to Angie on the spot. She was able to complete the paperwork for the landlord and was told she could move in whenever she wanted.

I have been communicating with Angie daily, and she is working hard to get things set up. She got some furniture from Hope Gospel. She is a bit overwhelmed, and I have helped her go grocery shopping, get a house phone connected, and go to Goodwill to utilize her vouchers. She has been working through an employment agency.  She asked me to take her to the job center so that she can apply for permanent employment.

In 2 week’s time, Angie has made her apartment into her home. She has filled her refrigerator and cupboards and is very happy and thankful for the opportunity to begin to turn things around. “I am so thankful to have a chance to have a stable home so I can start having my daughter come for visits.”