maryjOne morning on my way to work I met a fuel truck pulling out of my neighbor’s driveway. This was one of those really cold, -30 degree kind of days. I couldn’t help but think about the family and if they had run out of fuel. I also wondered about their ability to pay for the fuel and how long would it last them. I feel so blessed that my family was able to have heat in our house that day and every cold winter day after that. Unfortunately for many of the people we serve at Catholic Charities, the fuel truck doesn’t come and people are cold in their own homes. Many families are struggling to keep their lights on, refrigerators running and water warm. Ever wonder the cost of heating options? Below is a chart showing average price comparisons for different heating fuel sources.


You can see from the information in the chart how difficult it would be for a family that has limited income and resources to make ends meet throughout the long, cold Wisconsin winter. Catholic Charities helps individuals and families with their energy expenses through our St. Lawrence Community Services Department. We are able to help families provide dinner for their children and a warm bath before bed. Each client that receives aid from us also participates in Financial Literacy Education and/or Counseling with a Financial Wellness Advocate. We work with clients to develop budgets and plan for expenses like increased energy costs. In order to help clients with their energy needs, Catholic Charities holds an Annual Utility Appeal that raises funds to help families and individuals in need. The funds go directly to preventing a termination in gas and electric service. We look forward to your support in the effort to keep people warm, lights on in their houses and provide a warm bath at night for their children.

Mary Jacobson
Assistant Executive Director