Homeless for the Holidays

Another cold Christmas season approaches, and our homeless neighbors will be seeking refuge. Time and time again, you have answered the call! You have provided a welcoming, safe place for those who are homeless or on the verge of homelessness. You empower our guests by providing food, clothing, showers, a washer and dryer, and hope. We want all of our guests to experience the comfort and hope that things like a warm sweater fresh out of the dryer can provide on an otherwise frigid day.

While our busiest times are at night, we continue to work with the guests one-on-one during the day helping them to find homes and jobs and to develop healthy routines. We make every effort to help the homeless not just survive but thrive, and you make that possible! Please join us again. Your gift keeps your local shelter’s furnace on, laundry machines running, showers hot, and the guests’ stomachs full.

In September, one of our employees met a young woman, Polly, as she came into our office to speak with one of our financial wellness advocates. Pushing her beautiful, healthy baby boy back and forth in his stroller, Polly struck up a conversation while waiting for her appointment.

“Oh, you work here! I love this place. You know, I’ve been coming here for a couple years now. The last couple winters I was homeless, but not no more. I was pregnant all last winter. And now this little guy goes everywhere with me. He rides the bus with me, and everybody just loves him. He don’t cry or nothing. I also take him to all of my meetings. Our employee asked what meetings she had, and she replied “Oh, you know, all my AA and NA meetings.” By faithfully attending her Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous meetings, attending church weekly, and still coming to see us—especially with her darling baby—she is an inspiration to others. Being pregnant and homeless must be a tremendous cross to bear.”

We hope that Polly is an inspiration to you as well. Your gift today will ensure that we can continue to help Polly, her son, and everyone else who comes to us in similar situations. You helped Polly provide for her preborn son. You helped provide what she needed to tackle her addiction. You helped put a smile on her face and a roof over her head. Today Polly continues to build a healthy future for herself and her baby as she fights to break the chains of poverty. Your generosity allows us to provide the financial advocacy that helps Polly meet her goals month after month.

As the cold weather approaches, we urgently need your help to provide for our neighbors who have the life Polly once had. Your generosity today will help to guarantee that everyone will have a warm place to lay their head this Christmas season. You make that difference! Please make a gift today.