Homeless for the Holidays

Thanksgiving and Christmas – A season for us to give thanks for the blessings of the past year and celebrate hope for the future. To the homeless, however, these holidays can be anything but joyous. While others celebrate, they are focused on finding a safe and warm place to stay.

Every night Sojourner House volunteers and staff welcome 48 adult men and women in from the cold. They offer hospitality and hope for the homeless members of our community. For just $16 a day, the Sojourner House can provide to someone in our community the gift of a warm place to stay this Christmas Season. Won’t you join with us in giving this gift?

Your gift will provide a place for homeless community members to wash their clothes, take a shower, and share a meal. But it also includes a place for homeless members of our community to connect with those who genuinely care for their health, safety, and well-being. It offers a place for homeless members of our community to build relationships of trust and connect with resources that offer them the opportunity to move out of homelessness. It offers them support in overcoming their barriers to housing and employment opportunities. It is a truly a gift of hope.

We need you to join with us in caring for those who are less fortunate to show the love of Christ to them during this holiday season and year-round by providing a place to stay. We hope you will help us raise funds for the Sojourner House by participating in our Homeless for the Holidays Appeal. 100% of your gift will help provide a safe and warm night’s stay this winter for those in need. What better time to encourage people of goodwill in the Chippewa Valley to participate in our mission to serve? While it can’t replace a home and family, your participation will help bring warmth and offer hope to those who are homeless this holiday season. Thank you for your generosity, goodness and your continuing support of the Sojourner House.