Happy Mother’s Day! Thank you for being a champion for LIFE and FAMILY!

Since last year’s change of law at the national level, Catholic Charities has seen a dramatic increase in those seeking help and guidance during a pregnancy crisis. We find ourselves involved with pregnancy and adoption situations that are more complicated and complex, and therefore require even more time and resources to help those most in need. We are so proud to do this work, but we need your help!

We invite you to partner with us to make sure we continue to have the staff needed to answer the calls for help we are receiving at increasing levels. Your gift to our Pregnancy Support and Adoption Program will help keep our 24-hour helpline active, support birth mothers with one-on-one time with our trained social workers to discuss life options, set up birth plans, and develop medical plans for a healthy delivery. Our social workers are available to assist birth moms and dads in determining whether they wish to parent the child themselves or place their child with one of our adoptive families. If adoption is the path chosen, our social workers work diligently to ensure the transition before and after birth goes smoothly, and that the child becomes part of a loving family, with both the birth and adoptive families receiving the ongoing support they need.

Thank you for your help in guiding those towards choosing LIFE and supporting FAMILY this Mother’s Day!