Afghanistan Refugee Assistance

Necessary donation items below have been vetted and verified by liaisons at Fort McCoy. ALL ITEMS MUST BE NEW! Monetary donations are always appreciated as we work to provide service. Thank you again for all of your support!

Thank you to everyone who has volunteered their time. We will need a lot of help over the next few months. We are currently sifting through all of the offers of help looking for individuals who are able to volunteer a week or more. We are halting our online signup as we catch up on all the wonderful offers. If you have already signed up and have not heard from us and are able to volunteer for at least a week, please reach out to It will helps us move you to the top of the list. If you have not signed up yet but would like to help us with a week or two of your time, please send an inquiry to

If you are only able to give a day or afternoon, we will still be needing your help as we sort through and continue to pack donations for delivery. Please join with us in keeping all we serve in prayer.

Check out the Bishop’s statement!