Afghan Refugee Assistance


We are excited to announce that Operation Allies Welcome has been completed. All the guests we served have been matched with resettlement agencies and resettled across the United States. We want to thank everyone who has volunteered, purchased supplies, or sent in monetary donations in support of this very important mission. It truly has been life changing for so many people and has emphasized again how there are so many amazingly compassionate and caring individuals and organizations!

So what is next?

Catholic Charities of the Diocese of La Crosse will continue to work with local and statewide resettlement groups that are helping the Afghanistan people. We will continue using donated funds to assist with their housing needs and day-to-day expenses for these new neighbors. If you have questions, please feel free to reach out to Karen Becker at 888-212-4357.

Two Flags--Now One People

written by Charlie Peters

Catholic Charities Volunteer (Sept. - Nov. 2021)

Ft. McCoy--Operation Allies Refuge (OAR) / Operation Allies Welcome (OAW)

They came from a country with a dark past stained with blood looking with hope to the future.

They came to a land of hardiness and valor, innocent and pure, vigilant, and persevering in the name of justice.

Once these children feared for their lives, now their "concerns" are the "normal" activities of a child's day--for they came...

from things blowing up to blowing out birthday candles and bursting bubbles

from limited choices to choosing among scores of colors

from aircraft to crafts

from impossible circumstances to puzzles,

from Taliban to Jenga

from foot travel to football

from home to baseball

from volleys to volleyball


For their mothers, they came...

from afternoon tea to coffee

from bartering to buying

from regimented dress to freedom of dress

from subservience to independence

from escorts to passports


They came from Kabul...

They came from Germany, Italy, Qatar, Spain, Kosovo, Washington...

They came to Ft. McCoy!


They leave us now to be assimilated into a new country, a vast land of many people of differing races, religions, cultures and traditions...

They leave us now as friends...

They leave us now as brothers and sisters...

They leave us now but they will never be forgotten...

They leave us now as Christ Who lives among us!


"I assure you, as often as you did it for one of my least brothers, you did it for me."

Mt. 25:40


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