Afghan Refugee Assistance


We are excited to announce that Operation Allies Welcome appears to be winding down.  Everyday more and more of our Afghanistan guests are leaving the base and arriving in their new homes across the country. While we will still be providing service for the next few weeks, we are anticipating that by the end of February all our guests will be relocated.  We want to thank everyone who has volunteered, purchased supplies, or sent in monetary donations in support of this very important mission.  It truly has been life changing for so many people and has emphasized again how there are so many amazingly compassionate and caring individuals and organizations!

Catholic Charities of the Diocese of La Crosse will continue to work with local and statewide resettlement groups that are helping the Afghanistan people.  We will continuing using donated funds to assist with their housing needs and day-to-day expenses for these new neighbors. If you have questions, please feel free to reach out to Karen Becker at 888-212-4357.


Thank you to everyone who is interested in volunteering their time, skills, and compassionate nature in providing service to our new Afghan neighbors currently living at Fort McCoy.

While we are no longer needing general volunteers, we are still looking for retired teachers or volunteers with ESL experience.  Please email if you are available to help with this Learning Center Mission.

We are so grateful to the many volunteers who were able to help us keep open:
•  Three Women and Children Centers
•  Three Sewing Centers
•  One Learning Center for children and young adults and supporting over six local centers around the base
•  Two Legal Center
•  Six Indoor Recreational Centers for children and adults


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