I have been with Catholic Charities for over 2 years now. My feelings are the same for this organization as when I first walked in the doors. Our community is hurting and we at Catholic Charities are here to offer hope. I am grateful for the amazing group of individuals in the Wausau Office where I work. Together, we greet the many faces that enter our building, we take the time to listen to our clients to find out what their needs are, and then we do our best to assist. Sometimes, it is just an ear that the client is looking for. I am blessed to have the time with our Warming Center closed to listen and direct clients to services within our organization and the community.

Just this past week, I have gotten to know a client that has frequented our building numerous times always concerned about everyone around her. I don’t believe she ever came here asking for anything for herself. A simple conversation and a purely simple question of “What can I do for you?” led me to a sad realization that this lady was in need of many things but never inquired. Since the initial conversation, there have been many more and we are now meeting this lady’s needs; she has shoes that fit her, she has more than the one outfit that she continued to wear, and she is being matched up with other resources in the community.

I am grateful for the God given talent of striking up a conversation. I am grateful for the time Catholic Charities allows me and all the services and connections we have made in the community to assist clients. God Bless the work we do here, but God Bless our clients even more. They need us and we are here to serve!

Barbara Sugden
Wausau Warming Center Coordinator