Becoming a Catholic Charities Volunteer

Our process is fairly simple – three easy steps.

  • Scroll through our volunteer presentation. This presentation offers insight into all of the different services we provide to the community. Hopefully it will help you identify where you feel you can best partner with us.

  • Take a quick five question review. This review will help us learn how we can improve our presentation and let us know that you have an understanding of the work being done at Catholic Charities.

  • Submit your volunteer application.

Each step must be completed. After each step is completed, there will be prompts that lead you to the next step. However, if you get pulled away or want to think about the opportunities, don’t worry as you can continue on at another time. Once the contact information form is complete, Sr. Laurie Sullivan, our Volunteer Coordinator will contact you. If you have questions, you can email us at

Thanks for taking these first steps in becoming a Catholic Charities volunteer. You can make a huge difference and offer hope to so many in need!