Trauma Informed Care

Our two top responsibilities to people when they walk through our doors are to 1) welcome them as Christ and 2) treat them with respect and dignity, free from abuse or neglect. We realize that many of our staff, as well as the people that we work with and provide services to, have had traumatic experiences in their past and maybe still in their present. It is our desire to be sensitive to that and aware of how those things may affect the work we are doing as well as how we treat each other.

Catholic Charities formed a Trauma-Informed Care Committee in June of 2018. The committee is working on changing the culture at our agency and helping us view things through a Trauma-Informed Lens. We have been giving attention to 3 main areas:

1. How we communicate with and support our fellow staff members.
2. How we communicate with and support the people who come to us for services.
3. How we make our facilities welcoming and inviting.

Discussions and trainings are taking place throughout the agency, from the Board of Directors to the Front End Staff. We are excited to be on this journey together as we work towards a more inviting environment for everyone.

Committee Members
Christy Reppe – WISAPS Coordinator
Steve Burnette – Director of Disability Services
Allison Kunkel – Adoption Social Worker & Training Specialist
Karla Meyer – Adoption Social Worker & WISAPS Specialist
Melissa Bowe – Director of Family Services
Dawn Kay – Performance & Quality Improvement Director
Jeanette Lane – Adoption Administrative Assistant

Trauma Informed Care Newsletters
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