Moving People Forward-Summer Homeless Appeal

We can’t move people forward without your support. Please partner with us and help change a life today! Your gift will help provide housing to those without a home or help keep someone in their home during this difficult time. Already this year we have housed over 60 formerly homeless individuals across the diocese. Some of their stories are below, but we will continue to add stories as we Move People Forward!


Maurice wants to Move Forward. He needs our help!
Maurice came to the Sojourner House in Eau Claire -requesting assistance to find a place to live. He was directed to stay at the Hobbs Center while he continues to work with our St. Lawrence Wellness Advocate. Maurice has trouble finding affordable housing. He works 5 pm – midnight; 5 days a week and is hoping to find a home soon! He continues to try to move forward!

“When Maurice came to the Sojourner House he approached us with patience, motivation, and kindness. He describes himself as a mama’s boy and says she taught him well. He has a good relationship with her. He feels he is older and now more mature. He wants to keep his word because he appreciates when people do the same for him. He is definitely motivated to find a place to call home”.
~Kyle Petras, Sojourner House

Mary Moved Forward on June 2, 2020!
Mary came to the La Crosse Warming Center when we opened the doors on November 1, 2019. She had recently become homeless and had nowhere else to turn. During the COVID-19 Pandemic, she stayed with us at the shelter and worked with staff to overcome barriers that prevented her from housing. After hard work, Mary moved into a new apartment on June 2, 2020. She is excited to have her place to call home!

“I enjoyed working with Mary. It was rewarding to have an opportunity to be part of her journey and watch a community help her move towards her new home. We continue to meet with Mary as she works towards financial stability. Thanks to the partners in the community for helping Move Mary forward!”
~Toni, La Crosse Warming Center Coordinator

Alice is Moving Forward!
Alice moved into the House of Mercy in Loyal on May of 2019. Her children are grown and she had a lot to work on when she first arrived. We coordinated with Workforce and she was placed at the Second Chances Thrift Store. She learned new skills and has recently moved into a wonderful apartment. Alice does not own a car, so we continue to provide service by helping her get her medication and make other appointments, but Alice is moving forward!

“I was desperately in need of help. I lost hope and had no idea what was in store for me. I was referred to the House of Mercy. They found me a great job and a warm place to stay while I was getting back on my feet…I truly appreciate all you did for me!”
~Alice, Former HoM Resident

Chuck Is Continuing to Move Forward!
Chuck came to Catholic Charities Wausau Warming Center in November 2019. He needed a place to stay. He is disabled and was unable to crawl under the bridge to sleep at night. Chuck also suffers from alcoholism, and this addiction has crippled his ability to reason and make sound decisions. As a result of COVID-19 and Chuck utilizing our shelter during the lockdown, he was able to accomplish and maintain sobriety. With the help of our St. Lawrence staff and his new sobriety, we were able to help him get housed. On May 1, he moved into his new home. We continue to offer him support and he continues to move forward!

“Seeing a grown man cry because he was certain that he would never get a chance was a heart-wrenching situation. This sweet man didn’t need to be homeless anymore; he had an income! I knew that we had to help! Seeing a grown man cry because he got the keys to his new apartment was an image that will never escape me. It was like he was renewed! That is priceless”. ~Tracy Rieger, Community Homeless Facilities Director