Sandy Marx

Location: Prairie du Chien

Position: Financial Wellness Advocate

Department: St. Lawrence Community Services

Phone: 608.519.8046

Email Sandy: Click Here

Biographical Info:

I have been with Catholic Charities since 2005, starting out as the Administrative Assistant for the office in Prairie du Chien. In 2010, I started working as an Emergency Services Case Manager.
In 2012, with the combination of the Emergency Services and Financial Counseling departments, I became certified in financial counseling through the NFCC and am now the Financial Wellness Advocate for the St. Lawrence Community Services program in the Prairie du Chien office.

I have a background in accounting and customer service. Through my work at Catholic Charities, I have been able to enrich these skills and use them to help those clients that are looking for financial stability and assistance. I enjoy helping clients see the different ways they can improve their financial situation by setting goals and helping them stay on track with those goals. It is very fulfilling to see clients gain a better understanding of their finances and gain self-reliance and self-confidence in being able to sustain their household expenses. I thoroughly enjoy working at Catholic Charities. With all of the political correctness in the world these days, it is nice to work for an agency that treats each person as an individual and respects their individual beliefs and promotes human dignity no matter what those beliefs are.