Location: Eau Claire

Position: Financial Wellness Advocate

Department: St. Lawrence Community Services

Phone: 715.832.6644

Email Bob: Click Here

Biographical Info:

My name is Bob and I am originally from a small town just outside of Appleton. I had left Wisconsin for a 30 year global tour with an awesome military experience. Both, my wife and I retired from the Air Force and have recently settled in the Chippewa Falls area. We are looking forward to learning the community and the region. We are both cherish family time as our 5 kids are all over the U.S. living their own dreams. We fill our time with many hobbies such as hunting/fishing, archery, bee keeping, woodworking, gardening and so on. We love our many hobbies. There is only so much life, get after it! As a past Grand Knight within the Knights of Columbus, it’s our human duty to use our time, talents and treasures to help our fellow man and this is my mission in life. I did not achieve any of my life steps without help and Catholic Charities is a great organization to help all people, grow families and fulfill our human mission.