Patrick Dayton

Location: La Crosse

Position: Finance Coordinator

Department: Finance

Phone: 608.519.8013

Email Patrick: Click Here

Biographical Info:

I have been the Finance Coordinator at Catholic Charities since May 2017. My job consists of invoicing, collecting, reconciling, and other finance duties. Reconciliation is a concept both familiar to accountants and Catholics. My wife, Anne, and our two boys live right in the middle of La Crosse.

Coming to Catholic Charities, I was reminded of the anecdote of the duck on the water. Above the surface the duck glides along gracefully almost appearing to move without effort. Below the surface the duck’s feet paddle and paddle, and spiritedly work as hard as they can to get the duck to move. I have found Catholic Charities to be similar. From the outside, I thought the organization looked like everything just clicked perfectly. From the inside, I have found there are a lot of dedicated people who work hard to make the organization successful. I am happy to be a part of that effort.