Location: La Crosse

Position: Financial Wellness Advocate

Department: St. Lawrence Community Services

Phone: 608.519.8041

Email Bob: Click Here

Biographical Info:

I’ve called the Coulee Region home since 2005, but since 2009 La Crosse has been my home. Originally from Southern Missouri, I’m an Air Force Veteran and past airline mechanic who is a die-hard St. Louis Cardinals fan. For the last 13 years I have been a single parent to a son who will be moving out of my house in 2026. At that time, I will also be looking for a new IT person who can get the trash cans to the curb most weeks.

Given the chance, you will find me hunting, fishing, rock and fossil hounding, gardening, hoarding plants, or falling on the ice. Most of these are things that I enjoy.

Not wanting to rush into anything, I found my calling later in life during the local floods of August 2007 and June 2008. I was a local Village President when my constituents went to bed all safe and secure one evening….only to wake up a few hours later to flooding in the pitch black. With Catholic Charities as one of the first agencies on scene, I saw what real compassion and help looked like. The direct assistance provided was tangible, effective, and immediate. No government agency could meet the needs of people that well. Moving forward, I knew I needed to be helping people, but from the non-profit angle.