RJ and Elisia

Family Status: Matched

Family Information:

Year Born: 1981
Education: Bachelors of Science - Economics
Occupation: Business Loan Analyst II
Religion: Lutheran

Year Born: 1982
Education: Bachelors of Business Administration - Human Resource Management
Occupation: Human Resource Generalist
Religion: Catholic

RJ and Elisia
Children: 0
Pets: Dog
Year Married: 2008
Region of State: West Central
Residence: City

Family Favorites:

Book: The Outsiders
Movie: Stand By Me
Song: Second Chance - Shinedown
Food: Chicken Noodle Soup
Color: Purple
Animal: Dog
Hobbies: Hunting, Fishing, Concerts, ATV Riding
Ice Cream Flavor: Blue Moon

Book: My Sister's Keeper
Movie: Christmas Vacation
Song: I Dare You - Shinedown
Food: Pizza
Color: Green
Animal: Dog
Hobbies: Fishing, Gardening, Rock Concerts, Being Outside
Ice Cream Flavor: Cookies and Cream

Adoption Preferences:

Open To
Drug Use During Pregnancy
Alcohol Use During Pregnancy
Smoking During Pregnancy
History of Mental Health Issues
Ongoing Contact with Birth Parents


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