Joseph and Katie

Family Status: Available

Family Information:

Year Born: 1986
Education: High School Diploma
Occupation: Welder
Religion: Catholic

Year Born: 1988
Education: Cosmetology Degree
Occupation: Stay at Home Mom
Religion: Catholic

Joseph and Katie
Number of Children: 1
Pets: 2 Labs and a Miniature Daschund
Year Married: 2012
Region of State: Wisconsin
Residence: Medford

Family Favorites:

Book: The Bible
Movie: Planes
Song: Anything Skillet
Food: Chicken Mozzarella
Color: Red
Animal: Labrador Retriever
Hobbies: Running, Flying, Gardening, Anything Outdoors (Hunting, Fishing, Four Wheeling)
Ice Cream Flavor: Vanilla

Book: Anything by Debbie Macomber
Movie: The Shakiest Gun in the West
Song: Endless Love
Food: Spaghetti
Color: Red
Animal: Donkeys and Miniature Daschunds
Hobbies: Gardening, Working Out, Going for Walks/Runs
Ice Cream Flavor: Cookie Dough

Adoption Preferences:

Open To
Drug Use During Pregnancy
Smoking During Pregnancy
History of Mental Health Issues
Ongoing Contact with Birth Parents

African American
Native American

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