Jeremy and Beth

Family Status: Available

Family Information:

Year Born: 1981
Education: Construction Management Degree from UW
Occupation: Project Manager for Market and Johnson
Religion: Lutheran

Year Born: 1982
Education: Early Childhood Education Professional Teaching License from UW-Stout
Occupation: Occupation Teacher at YMCA
Religion: Catholic

Jeremy and Beth
Number of Children: 1
Pets: Black Lab named Raya
Year Married: 2011
Residence: Chippewa Falls

Family Favorites:

Book: Fishing or Hunting Magazines
Movie: The Great Outdoors
Song: Anything Country
Food: Mexican
Animal: Cats
Color: Blue
Hobbies: Hunting, Fishing and Camping
Ice Cream Flavor: Chocolate

Book: Anything by Jodi Picolt
Movie: Older Comedies
Song: Fight Song
Food: Spaghetti, Tacos or Salmon
Animal: Dogs
Color: Pink and Yellow
Hobbies: Running and the Outdoors
Ice Cream Flavor: Mint Chocolate Chip

Adoption Preferences:

Open To
Drug Use During Pregnancy (Depends on Situation)
Alcohol Use During Pregnancy (Depends on Situation)
Smoking During Pregnancy
History of Mental Health Issues
Ongoing Contact with Birth Parents

African American
Native American

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