Brian and Sarah

Family Status: Matched

Family Information:

Year Born: 1983
Education: Master's Degree
Occupation: Math Teacher
Religion: Christian

Year Born: 1986
Education: Master's Degree
Occupation: Special Education Teacher
Religion: Christian

Brian and Sarah
Number of Children: None
Pets: Zoe and Monty
Year Married: 2009
Region of State: Eau Claire Area
Residence: Eau Claire

Family Favorites:

Book: Criptinomicon
Movie: Lord of the Rings
Song: We Didn't Start the Fire
Food: Stromboli
Color: Blue
Animal: Donkey
Hobbies: Reading, Fixing the House, Computer Coding, Jogging, Board Games
Ice Cream Flavor: Peanut Butter Ripple

Book: Little Women
Movie: Lord of the Rings
Song: Road Less Traveled
Food: Raspberries
Color: Purple
Animal: Dog
Hobbies: Crafting, Cooking, Biking, Reading, Board Games
Ice Cream Flavor: Peppermint

Adoption Preferences:

Open To
Drug Use During Pregnancy
Alcohol Use During Pregnancy
Smoking During Pregnancy
History of Mental Health Issues
Ongoing Contact with Birth Parents

African American
Native American

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