PSU Volunteer Opportunities

psuvolunteersProject Step Up Volunteers have the opportunity to help families by providing support and guidance towards a successful financial future. PSU Volunteers are like financial coaches. Many people think of a financial coach as someone who will walk a client step-by-step to achieve financial decision-making independence. In many sports, there are coaches who specialize in parts of training. Coaches will interact with clients during regularly scheduled events for which the coach has expertise, a particular interest or experience in.

Succesful Volunteers will:

  • Recibir entrenamiento programa
  • Desarrollar relaciones de apoyo con su familia a medida que aprenden nuevas estrategias hacia un futuro estable
  • Teach a class or skill
  • Work through an activity with the group
  • Attend classes with a client or client family who is struggling with a particular subject
  • Lead group discussions about financial topics
  • Provide resources, share knowledge and wisdom about topics they are comfortable with
  • Help clients determine their goals

Become a PSU Volunteer
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