Adoptions completed in the United States. This program is designed to assist families who may not be eligible for our Agency Infant Program, but want to adopt a child in the United States. Catholic Charities will work with you to find an agency you feel comfortable with and we will collaborate with them to assist you in completing your family. We also offer services to assist you with creating an effective adoptive parent profile in addition to building a marketing campaign to reach potential birth parents.

The link below is an explanation of the process of how a child adopted in another state can return to Wisconsin after placement.
732A-16 Inter-State Compact On the Placement of Children

The link below is the Process of Adoption Flowchart showing a detailed explanation of the adoption process from when the application is received by Catholic Charities through the completion of the home study.
732A-21 Process of Adoption Flowsheet- Application to Home Study

The link below is a flowchart of the Adoption Process from completion of home study to finalization of the adoption.
732A-23 Process Flowsheet of Adoption- Completion of Home Study through Finalization