Helping Neighbors with Rent, Utilities and Basic Needs

Bob and Cathy came to us in a real time of need. They were in debt and risking eviction from their home. There was only one source of income, and they were struggling to make ends meet. Could we please help?

Constance is struggling to pay her energy bill and is facing disconnection. Just over six months ago her husband passed away leaving her struggling to make ends meet. Throughout their life together he had paid the bills, taken care of her, and managed their Social Security income. She struggles with understanding her energy bill and several other bills she is unable to pay. She came through our door asking us to please help.

Susan called our 800 number for help with her Alliant energy bill. Her roommate had suddenly moved out of the home and she has been struggling ever since. It was cold. Could we please help?

During this Lenten Season, please consider what you can do, the difference you can make. Bob, Cathy, Constance, and Susan are just a few of our neighbors across the diocese who come to us asking for help. Over the last four years, with your help, Catholic Charities has been able to help with over $1,000,000 in rental and energy assistance, medical bills, transportation costs, and basic human needs. We cannot do this without you!

100% of this Lenten Appeal Collection will go to our neighbors in need. Give a gift that can help!