Help and Support for Children

ChildrenSupportSupport and help for your children
Children often suffer emotionally or psychologically from living in a home where there is violence. They may also be physically or sexually abused or at risk for abuse. Children may live in terror of violence because they see their parent hit or kicked or verbally abused.

Children who see a parent abused feel sorry for them, but may also blame that parent for not defending themselves or leaving.

If you are a victim, your children also need help. Talk to your advocate about how the violence has affected your children and how the children can be helped.

 The problem…

  • Every 18 seconds a woman is beaten in the U.S.
  • 50% of U.S. marriages contain some form of abuse
  • 80% of abusers were raised in violent homes
  • 40% of female homicides are committed by the male partner
  • 25% of female suicide attempts result from domestic abuse
  • 50% of injuries to women reported in emergency rooms resulted from abuse
  • For every 1 beating reported, 6 to 10 go unreported