Employee Training

All staff and interns must complete all 3 parts of New Hire Orientation and Required Training within the first 3 months of employment.

a. New Hire (and Intern) Orientation

  1. Part I: General Agency: Human Resource department will give an overview of the Catholic Charities Mission, Values, and Programs in addition to explaining important Personnel Policies and Procedures for all staff.
  2. Part II: Performance Quality Improvement (PQI) & Risk Management: The PQI Director will give an overview of Catholic Charities Standards of Quality, Processes, and Procedures to ensure compliance with best practices.
  3. CCUSA Code of Ethics & Quiz-Acknowledgement Form
  4. Required Training
  5. Additional Training

Required Training

Policy #280-Sexual Abuse Prohibition and Prevention Policy

Please read the following materials and submit the Acknowledgement Form.


Bloodborne Pathogen Training Video

Fill out and submit the Acknowledgement Form.

Mandated Reporter Online Training

Certain people in Wisconsin are required either by the state statutes or by an executive order of the governor to report suspected child abuse and neglect. There is a system in place to intervene on behalf of children who may be abused or neglected and to secure their safety. This training should take most learners about 45 to 75 minutes to complete the core of the training. You have opportunities throughout the training to access additional useful information; this optional material will add to the training time. Click here to begin your Mandated Reporter Online Training.

Be sure to fill out the certificate at the end of the training and submit to the HR Department.

Additional Non-Required Training

Emergency Response Training Video

Coordinates with our Agency Emergency Response Plan. All plans are listed on our S Drive under the Risk Management folder. It is important for each staff member to watch this training video and review your specific office location's plan.

This link will take you to Teams training videos. There is a plethera of videos to help you begin a productive journey using Microsoft Teams. We will be having a training on August 4th.  Any unanswered questions can be asked to the Microsoft Teams Expert can be answered in this training.  Your Teams sign-in is the same as your email sign in.  What a wonderful new team tool to help us work together and improve communication!

Microsoft Teams video training - Office Support