Driftless Pass School

The Driftless Pass School is currently closed due to the Co-Vid 19 Pandemic.  We will monitor developments with covid-19 and how things progress to see when we will be able to  re-convene services for our participants.

Disability Services currently offers an alternative to public school for students whose needs are difficult to meet in traditional public school classrooms, even with supports of accommodations and modifications. Students who enroll at Driftless Pass may display challenging behaviors due to mental health needs, experienced trauma, Reaction Attachment Disorder or a diagnosis of Developmental Disability as well as Autism Spectrum Disorders. Students may also have associated medical issues such as a seizure disorder that can complicate the education program.

Driftless Pass School is separated into elementary, middle and high school rooms. In addition, there are transition opportunities where students, ranging from ages 14-18, work on functional life skills helping them prepare for future employment. Students participate in life skills such as cooking, bowling and volunteering at Clearwater Farm. Students also have opportunities to access programs in the community to serve their needs. Students participate in an approved core curriculum, as well as art, music and gym classes. Class sizes are very small, allowing a high level of one-to-one support by licensed special education teachers and highly trained classroom support specialists.

All of our employees are required to be certified in Non-Violent Crisis Prevention and Intervention (CPI) annually, as well as CPR and First Aid. Catholic Charities has a CPI and CPR/First Aid trainer on staff who frequently offers training.