Board Policies

100 Table of Contents
101 Catholic Charities of the Diocese of La Crosse Mission Statement
111 Catholic Charities U.S.A. Statement of Mission
113 Catholic Charities U.S.A. Code of Ethics
121 Incorporation, Bylaws, and Policies
122 Governing Board Responsibilities
123 Members and Officers of the Corporation
124 Recruitment, Nomination, and Appointment of Directors
125 Terms of Service and Removal of Directors
126 Orientation of Directors
127 Agenda & Meetings of the Board of Directors
128 Committees of the Board of Directors
129 Board Evaluation
131 Executive Director Powers and Limitations
132 Appointment and Removal of the Executive Director
133 Executive Director Job Performance Review and Development Plan
134 Executive Director Compensation
135 Executive Director Orientation
136 Membership of the Executive Director on the Board of Directors and
Board Committees
139 Management in the Absence of an Executive Director
141 Strategic Planning Vision and Process
142 Linkage to Constituency
145 Division Structure
147 Geographic Coverage
148 Preferential Love
155 Annual Report
156 Audit
157 Financial, Assets, and Investment Reports
158 Budget & Facilities Report
160 Conflict of Interest
161 Prohibition Against Undue Financial Interest
162 Prohibition Against Compensation for Board Members
163 Prohibition Against Preferential Treatment for Services
164 Prohibition Against Referral Fees
165 Prohibition Against Directing Referrals
166 Prohibition Against Receipt of Gratuities
167 Prohibition Against Private Practice on Premises
168 Conformance to Governing Standards of Practice
169 Conformance with Code of Ethics & Canon Law
171 Acquisition of Property and Leases
172 Alienation of Property
173 Depreciation and Replacement
175 Logo, Name, and Intellectual Property
176 Memberships and Affiliations
177 Professional Development
178 Board Expenses
181 Legal Representation
182 Insurance Coverage
183 Event Reporting & Review
184 Safety and Disaster Planning
191 Development and Fundraising
192 Investment Policy
193 Public Relations
194 Governmental Relations
195 Bishop’s Annual Appeal