Advent Annual Appeal

In the story of the Nativity of Christ, we hear about an inn that turned away the Holy Family because there was no more room. Catholic Charities commits to be the inn that never turns people away, ever striving to accommodate the widow, the orphan, the sojourner, and the poor.

Together we house so many homeless men and women in need across our diocese. Annually we provide over 25,000 nights of service. We continue to build the relationships of trust! When you join with us we make sure that there is room at the inn!

Your support changes lives!
As a transracial adoptive family, it has been so great to have the Post Adoption Resource Center (PARC) to be there for us. Adoption is not always easy and PARC supports us. The relationships with other adoptive families that we have cultivated is because of PARC. It has a lasting impact on our children and our family.

Ashley reached out for help to Catholic Charities through our Crawford County Domestic Abuse Hotline and our staff answered the call. Over time, Lisa and Ashley worked together. Ashley attended support groups and was eventually strong enough to leave her abusive situation. Ashley told Lisa, “I am so grateful you answered the phone the first night I called. You saved my life!”

When Edmund first arrived at the La Crosse Warming Center he was homeless and hopeless. Catholic Charities helped connect him with area resources. They helped him find housing and along the way built a relationship of trust. Edmund recently visited staff and thanked them for saving his life, for having faith in him when he did not have any, and for giving him hope.

Mike and Sue came to Catholic Charities hoping for some rental assistance, but received so much more. They worked together for over a year with staff learning budget skills and how to reduce credit card bills. They learned about local resources and began saving. According to Mike, “I am happy to say we are still following our budget. Working with Catholic Charities and using the resources provided made me realize we can do it. We keep moving towards to a better financial future!”

Please be the Good Samaritan and help us tend to those in need. We are the inn who welcomes the wounded, but we need your help, Good Samaritan. #Beagoodsamaritan