Advent Annual Appeal

In the story of the Good Samaritan, who do you relate with? We would all like to think of ourselves as the one who would stop to help our neighbor in need. Sometimes though, we are the neighbor in need. So often too, we find ourselves wrapped up in our daily lives and our daily duties that we can’t be troubled with the struggles of another. Yet, Christ calls us to a higher way.

As we await the coming of our Lord Jesus in Advent, let’s prepare room for the newborn Messiah in our hearts by stopping for those in need here at home. The Good Samaritan cleaned the man’s wounds and took him to an inn to be cared for. This is not unlike what you do for our Warming Center guests and those who receive any of our services when you support the works of Catholic Charities. Those who are beaten and broken in our community come to Catholic Charities for care, and you take on the role of the Good Samaritan in order to meet their needs.

We ask you once again to stop along your way and to care for your neighbor as Jesus challenges us in Luke 10:36-37: “Which of these three, in your opinion was neighbor to the robbers’ victim?” He [the scholar] answered, “The one who treated him with mercy.” Jesus said to him, “Go and do likewise.”

Throughout the year, our wide breadth of programs meet our clients in their times of need. Without you these services would not be available.

• St. Lawrence Community Services—We provide charitable outreach, advocacy, as well as financial education and enrichment to anyone in need.
• Disaster Response—If there is a flood, a tornado, or another disaster in our area, we are here to serve. We offer food, shelter, direct financial assistance, and recovery support.
• Representative Payee Services—If someone on a fixed income needs assistance with making sure their bills are paid and their basic needs are accounted for, we are here.
• Disability Services—In La Crosse, we offer an adult day program and day school for children. Our department teachers and staff are some of the best in the business. Not only are they professional, but they are profoundly compassionate.
• Pregnancy Support—Expectant women or couples can come to us and expect no judgement, only compassion and consideration. Our social workers educate expecting clients and help them to be prepared for the responsibilities of parenthood. If the clients choose, we can also assist with adoption.
• Adoption—For 145 years, Catholic Charities has been helping to build and strengthen families. Today we offer domestic and international adoptions. We work with the birth parents and the adoptive families to care for everyone, especially the child. Additionally we offer resources for everyone involved after the adoption has taken place including hands-on support and fun activities and events.
• Domestic Abuse Support—In Crawford County, we offer assistance 24/7 for victims of domestic abuse.
• Immigration Assistance—Our staff provides direct legal assistance to all immigrants whatever their concerns or goals may be.
• Community Homeless Facilities—Throughout our diocese, we operate four facilities for the homeless: Sojourner House, Franciscan Hospitality House, La Crosse Warming Center, and Wausau Warming Center. Our facilities and our fantastic staff provide essentials for our guests in a safe, clean, and hope-filled environment.
• Beyond Shelter—We currently operate two houses where those who are homeless can live, receive coaching and assistance to local resources as they work to achieve the life they want to live.

Text to Give – 608.709.0368 with the amount you would like to contribute. Thank you in advance for your generosity!