Summer Homelessness Appeal


Deb sat on a downtown curb. The despondent, lost look and the medical bracelet she wore on her wrist identified her to a Good Samaritan as someone who might need help. After asking Deb if she needed assistance, she learned that Deb was indeed homeless and not sure where to go. The Good Samaritan brought her to our doors. Everyday we meet community members who are homeless or individuals living on the edge of homelessness. They are looking for assistance with basic human needs.

Here is your opportunity to become a Good Samaritan in your community!

Please take a moment to join with Catholic Charities in serving so many in our community. Your donation can offer individuals such as Deb the opportunity to find assistance. It helps keep our community homeless facilities doors open and services available. Whether it is in the highest heat or during the severest cold, our facilities are offering men and women a place to get in out of the weather and access to basic human needs.

Eau Claire
La Crosse