Sara Stankiewicz

Ubicación: La Crosse

Position: Representante del Beneficiario Case Manager

Departamento: St. Lawrence Servicios a la Comunidad

Teléfono: 608.519.8015

Email Sara: Haga clic aquí

información biográfica:

I have worked at Catholic Charities since August 2000. I have had the opportunity to work with a number of departments and do a number of different jobs which has allowed me a unique perspective of our agency. I have seen our agency develop and expand over time to meet the unmet needs of our diocese. I have grown as a person and am fortunate to be given the chance to grow each and every day both personally and professionally. I currently spend the majority of my time working with our Representative Payee clients, which I find both challenging and rewarding. I learn something new each day and hope that makes me a better advocate for our clients.