Michelle Shippy

Ubicación: La Crosse

Position: Representante del Beneficiario Case Manager

Departamento: St. Lawrence Servicios a la Comunidad

Teléfono: 608.519.8017

Email Michelle: Haga clic aquí

información biográfica:

I have worked for Catholic Charities for 8 years now. I started as a temp at the front desk and worked in many departments along the way before settling into the Rep Payee Program full-time when the program expanded significantly in 2008. I feel so blessed to work for an organization in which we can express our care and concern for each individual who comes through the door. While I only work for one department, I know that there are many ways in which our agency supports each individual that we serve. I feel inspired by the work we can do when we all care and do as much as we can for others.