Estómago Duffy

Ubicación: La Crosse

Position: Especialista de Recursos de Post Adopción

Departamento: Adopción

Teléfono: 608.519.8023

Email Magen: Haga clic aquí

información biográfica:

I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication Studies with an emphasis in Public Relations and Organizational Communication and a minor in Sociology. I have been working in Post Adoption for seven and a half years and I am a mom to five amazing kids. My three oldest boys were adopted through international adoption and the State of Wisconsin Special needs adoption program. Adoption has truly blessed my life in so many ways.

In my spare time I enjoy working with families in need in Guatemala as it brings great joy to my life and family. I enjoy working in Post Adoption and seeing all of the kids and families come together at events in their own safe place, able to be or look just like everyone else for the day!