En Nigon

Ubicación: La Crosse

Position: Director de Finanzas

Departamento: Finanzas

Teléfono: 608.519.8016

Email Lori: Haga clic aquí

información biográfica:

I have worked in the Finance Department since 2007. I have a Bachelor’s degree in Accounting and a Master’s in Business, both from UW-Eau Claire. Prior to working at Catholic Charities, I have always worked in accounting departments at manufacturing firms. It is a great learning experience working in the nonprofit area!

It is a joy for me to come to work each day in the Finance Department at Catholic Charities. It is a wonderful team of people to work with. Most people do not realize that Accounting people are really “fun” people!!! Hopefully we are able to take care of all the accounting issues so the employees in our programs can concentrate on serving their clients and helping those in need.