Jennifer Lokken

Ubicación: Eau Claire

Position: Sojourner Casa Personal Plomo

Departamento: Instalaciones para personas sin hogar de la Comunidad

Teléfono: 715.514.5556

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información biográfica:

I have been working for Catholic Charities at the Sojourner House for over a year now, and it has been a year of many changes. I have a new perspective and enlightenment regarding the guests I serve. I have grown in my ability to adapt quickly to the many situations that I normally would have shunned. I have found much love and understanding in people that I thought could never have known much of it. I’ve grown to accept people for what they are, where I once held great prejudice, and hopes of “fixing” them. I still have many questions and always want to strive to do the best for our guests. It’s been a journey and a trial of being patient and firm, which I do struggle with – but I ask God and those around me to help me daily. I can’t see the future but I want to continue to be a part of Catholic Charities!!!