Chippewa Valley “In My Name” Award Nomination

Catholic Charities and Sacred Heart Hospital will be hosting our 10th Annual Evening in the Chippewa Valley on Friday, October 13th! Plans for this event are being made and we need your help. We need you to help us identify this year’s “In My Name” award recipient!

The “In My Name” Award is given to a community organization or individual within our diocese to recognize their work in Christian Charity. The award is based on Jesus’ words to his disciples, “Whoever gives another even a cup of water in my name shall not lose their reward” (cf. Mk 9:14). Please help us in this selection.

Please complete the nomination form below by Friday, September 1st. Your nominees will be presented to Bishop William Patrick Callahan and members of the Catholic Charities Board of Directors and staff for selection. Bishop Callahan will present this award to the recipient at our Annual Chippewa Valley Event. This is a great opportunity to recognize individuals and organizations for their great work and to say thank you for their work of charity in our community. Please feel free to make multiple nominations.

Past recipients are:
Msgr. Edmund Klimek
Deacon Bob Chittendon and St. Olaf Parish’s Outreach Council
Roberta Poirier – Bloomer Food Pantry

Thank you in advance for your consideration and participation!

  • I wish to nominate the following for the "In My Name" Award:
  • In 250 words or fewer, please tell us why the aforementioned nominee is deserving of the 2017 Catholic Charities’ “In My Name” award. Entries will be reviewed by Bishop Callahan, Roberto Partarrieu, the Catholic Charities Board of Directors and staff. This award will be presented to the chosen recipient by Bishop Callahan at the 10th Annual Evening in the Chippewa Valley on Friday, October 13th at Sacred Heart Hospital.