Advent Annual Appeal


Love is the strongest force in the universe; it creates life and allows us to touch a little bit of eternal happiness. The fruit of love is mercy and being merciful is not complicated. In fact, mercy can be lived through simple gestures that require us to be forgiving and giving, like listening, feeding the hungry, visiting the sick or imprisoned and giving shelter to the homeless.

This is the work of Catholic Charities. We are rooted in our communities to be “your ambassadors of mercy” to the poor, the vulnerable and marginalized. Our goal is to share their hopes and fears. In other words, to share with you the lives of those members of our community who are most fragile, from the unborn to the frail elders. We distribute “Your Gift of Love” so that people who are hungry, thirsty, lonesome and homeless, those who suffer from disabilities, or are strangers in our land, will find a place of care and support. With the strength of love, we are empowered to move forward and improve our lives. All of us are on the same boat. We are a community and we are as strong as the weakest link among us.

Unfortunately while the need for assistance is growing, donations have diminished. Our homeless facilities and financial assistance programs to help families on the verge of homelessness, as well as our adoption and disabilities programs need you! Would you help us by donating today? We might not be able to change the whole world at once, but as Mother Teresa – Saint Teresa of Kolkata is quoted as saying, we can change his/her world. She said in “Something Beautiful for God”, “Never worry about numbers. Help one person at a time and always start with the person nearest you.” Thank you in advance for generosity!